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Turf Nutrient Program

Jonny Nichols Landscape Maintenance, Inc. offers a customized approach to lawn fertilization.  We have designed programs that can be from four to six applications per season.  Our smaller programs just focus on fertilization or weed control and our signature program is six applications that address crab grass, weeds, fertilization, and overall health of the lawn.  During the season, a customer has the capability to work with us as a team effort to achieve extraordinary results.  Most importantly, any customer who is on a regularly scheduled program also receives priority service calls if an additional service is needed.

Be proactive this season and ask about Jonny Nichols Landscape Maintenance, Inc. lawn care programs that ensure both a healthy and beautiful lawn throughout the year.

For a full description on program click here:  Turf Nutrient Program

Additional Services Offered

  • Grub Control

  • Core Aeration

  • Power Seeding

  • Tree and Shrub Care