Lawn Care Tips

What height should I mow my lawn?

Generally the best height to mow your lawn is about 3" to 3.5". Remember to never remove more than a third of the grass blade in any single cutting. Cutting the lawn too short or "scalping" will result in tissue loss and encroachment of weeds.

When should I water and how much?

he best time to water is in the early morning hours before the sun rises. If you must water during the day, try not to water past 5:00PM.

Why do I have weeds still visible when a service was performed a month ago?

The weeds you see are newly germinated weeds since we have serviced the lawn. Weed seed is in the soil and can remain viable for many years and can germinate at any time. Service calls between regular scheduled visits may be required in the first few months of Spring. If you have the six step program, this is available to you at no charge.

Will the rain adversely affect a service you just provided to my lawn?

No. In fact, we welcome rain after a visit. Most of our products are water soluble and rain will only enhance the application.